First post

Let’s start out with a blanket disclaimer: I started this up after searching for geographically-relevant information about homegrown, locally grown, and wild foods. I’m not an expert, I don’t have a science or culinary background, and I’m not in touch with a local food movement, if such a thing exists in my area. Obviously, anyone who wants to try some of the foods I write about should check, double check, and triple check with a few field guides before eating anything they don’t recognize.

I hope to use this space to share my amatuer experiences with gardening, home preserving, gleaning, foraging, and otherwise finding, producing, or preparing food from my immediate vicinity. I also hope that I will be driven to try new foods in order to generate material for this journal.

I live within the city limits of Grand Rapids, Michigan, about an hour inland from Lake Michigan. I intend to write about foods as they come into season, which should be fairly consistent throughout the Great Lakes region.

Here’s a remarkably stupid essay about local foods from the most recent issue of Time magazine. I don’t know how long the link will work, and I haven’t learned how to make text into a hyperlink yet.,9171,1702353,00.html


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